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Snap Off uniquely coded, black


Snap off quick release hub features a patented innovative design which is self adjusting.

As a result there is no play in the mechanism over time, which is often the case with conventional spline type designs.

Only 25 mm / 1 inch thickness.

This model is designed to bolt to a 6 hole PCD – 6 x 70 mm hub (Momo, OMP, Sabelt, Sparco etc).

A version for PCD 6 x 74 mm (Nardi, Personal, Luisi etc) is available.

There are two hole patterns to take all the popular steering wheels,  6 x 70 mm (Momo, OMP, Sabelt, Sparco etc)
or  6 x 74 mm (Nardi, Personal, Luisi etc).

This product also allows you to connect your steering wheels center horn button via metal components that press together which still enabling quick disconnection.

Each Snap Off are uniquely coded – only your very own Snap Off fits your car, the perfect anti – theft device!

Protected by European Community Design No. 001634429-0001.

Msrp: 1 595 SEK
Art.no: 528B